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Dufferin Hall

Downtown venue, Dufferin Hall, offers space options, parking, budget-friendly pricing and full wedding services to London brides

Request more pricing, details and info from this vendor!There are many reasons for local couples to choose Dufferin Hall when it comes to their wedding. The ability to host a ceremony and reception in one large, downtown London location at budget-friendly prices definitely tops that list. With plenty of parking, packages than include everything from bar and catering services to your DJ and light show, it’s an option worth seeing for any London wedding.

Located in the Masonic Temple, Dufferin Hall is a venue most Londoners know already, and yet may not realize that it can host a full-fledged wedding day. Let us explain…

In the heart of London

Located two blocks North of Dundas Street on Dufferin Avenue (close to Catholic Central High School), in the Historical Woodfield District, Dufferin Hall in the Masonic temple has been home to events for over fifty years – first opening its downtown London doors in 1962.

The venue is run by an executive committee and board of directors who have extensive event experience. It’s this board that has opted to put their focus on hosting fabulous weddings and events, incorporating the romance of wedding days and the beauty of London love stories within their walls. At the time of their interview, 2014 dates were booking steadily.

The committee explains their mandate for brides and grooms, “We provide a positive experience for the customer and enjoy sharing the building’s rich history.” The Dufferin Hall night club’s built in night club lighting, DJ system, Audio-Video projection system, and bridal preparation suite, are also the main reasons why couples are choosing Dufferin Hall.

Creating the space of your dreams

There are several space options within the Masonic Temple venue that couples can choose from for their wedding day. The venue’s spectacular “Red Room” cathedral setting is most often used for wedding ceremonies. The committee explains, “Cloaked in Shakespearean setting, few rooms in London are as beautiful as our red room. The room has the majesty of old woodwork and red carpeting and seats. Capable of seating a large crowd around a central area in the room, and even more along the three-sided balcony.” In a way, the Red Room gives the impression of a theatre, thanks to upper balconies, its choir and music capabilities, and a stage-style centrepoint. “The layout of the room will ensure that everyone has a great view of the ceremony.” The Temple itself in addition hosts an additional number of banquet and lodge rooms for larger events accommodating up to 700 people. Larger events have just booked the Temple in its entirety.

The banquet room at Dufferin Hall should be treated as a blank canvas with a great deal of spectacular lighting backup. The décor is neutral and it’s this, that gives them the freedom to accommodate any style of wedding-from a traditional, elegant affair to a more laid back, casual wedding. Once decorated the spectacular LED lighting plays the Hall with a multitude of colours. “We have seen a variety of theme weddings and a number of trends which we have always been able to successfully accommodate.”

Pricing to fall in love with…

A wedding at Dufferin Hall won’t break the bank and the board agrees that their fair pricing and à la carte options are a big draw with couples. To give you an idea, the Dufferin Hall team says the average bride spends about $5,000 on their Dufferin Hall wedding. Any bride who has done her homework knows that this is a great price. It also allows you to truly dive into décor with just a part of the money spent on the rest of your wedding.

Caterers are chosen from a list of selected approved vendors that Dufferin Hall trusts. They can also recommend everything from hair and make-up to photography to videography and even an organist. And, if you can’t find a particular service that you’re looking for on their preferred vendors list, the committee says they’re willing to help you get what you need for your dream wedding day.

Booking Dufferin Hall and what to expect

The quickest way to reach the entertainment committee at Dufferin Hall is to fill out their online contact form which gives them some basic information about you and your event.

From there, you’ll be contacted by someone on the committee and then meet for a tour and to talk more about the details of your day – your expected guest count, your wedding style and vision. You’ll chat about pricing, determine if you need any “extras” and they’ll find out if you have any other special event requirements (i.e. special drinks required for the bar to stock such as champagne or a special wine). This is also when Dufferin Hall will give you a list of catering services to take home and look over.

On your wedding day, Dufferin Hall says they’ll be there for you in person – from the catering committee, DJ, and bartenders – all ready and working together to make your wedding day run smoothly. “We are available to meet the catering services, accommodate decorating personnel, assist with set up for the event, open the bar and provide music and lighting as guests arrive for the event.”

After your wedding, the Dufferin team doesn’t want you to have to worry about a thing. It becomes the mission of the catering staff, events committee and other vendors to take care of everything so that you can focus on your next step – your honeymoon – worry free!

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Contacting Dufferin Hall

The Events Committee at Dufferin Hall can be reached by email using the form below :) You can also visit Dufferin Hall online at www.dufferinhall.ca.

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