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Director’s Cut Videography

Real film director turns wedding videos into your new favourite movie – with you as the star

Mike Stanisic, owner of Director’s Cut Videography, can shoot and edit a simple but elegant wedding video for minimal cost, or he can use his movie-making experience to turn your wedding video into a feature-film with you as the star… When The Ring viewed the Director’s Cut demo, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, nor a single person who didn’t laugh – a lot. To brides, Mike Stanisic is known for his trendy shooting style, high-end equipment, quick turn-around time and pricing that fits any wedding budget.

Over the past year, Director’s Cut’s innovative video production company has helped to change the face of wedding videos altogether. Couples are pitching the idea of Uncle Bob’s home digicam for professional, documentary-style (candid) video memories set to their favourite tunes. Let us explain…

What’s in a video…

There are two important elements that make up a wedding video. The first is the footage taken – including what equipment it’s taken with, and who’s taking it. The second is the post-production (a.k.a. editing, music, and the way in which it’s all put together on the ‘cutting room floor’). Mike Stanisic is an expert at both.

Picture the groomsmen bowing down to the groom and kissing his ring finger to the tune of the Godfather… Angelic fade-ins of the beautiful bride in a shaft of light, sitting on the bed with the flower girl, soft music playing… Mom kissing the groom with tears in her eyes… a television-style ‘how we met’ story told by the bride, flashing to the groom sitting on his Harley, and then the couple together. The story reminds you of a celebrity interview, but most importantly, it’s an artistic take on your own love story – personal, fun, romantic, and real.

Mike uses a movie-like style in his approach to filming and editing and yet he is well-priced because years of experience means that he can do more in less time – and do it well. You won’t wait for six to twelve months for your wedding video. If you need it in two months, two weeks, or two days, you will have it.

Mike not only does his own videography, but is still called upon by major videography companies in Toronto and the local community to shoot or do post-production work, but his focus is on weddings in the London, Woodstock, Kitchener-Waterloo areas.

Director’s Cut Videography has worked with The Ring in the creation of various corporate videos – for client and television use – and continues to work on various video projects with The Ring that are scheduled for the near future.

Award winning film direction across the globe…

Mike has won awards in Spain, Germany, and Yugoslavia, as well as being nominated for best documentary film at the Niagara Film Festival for a recent documentary called ‘Sailor’s Warning’ about the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Lake Erie. With these awards, the 50-odd documentaries and short films he has directed, and the 500’ish weddings he has videotaped and edited, Mike’s experience is extensive and adds a totally new element to the concept of a wedding video. “My goal is to create fun and emotional memories that will have the bride and groom laughing and crying each time they pop in their DVD or VHS to look back with friends and family.”

When we sat down to talk with Mike about his services, his enthusiasm for the topic of videography grew by the minute as he spoke about the many different scenes and elements that go into his videos. Like many artists, Mike Stanisic is off-the-wall, super-serious about his skills, and emphatic about his video and editing style. When you meet with Mike, you can tell that he knows what he’s doing, and yet at the same time, you can tell that there is a lot more to the story.

Packaging & pricing entertainment…

One of The Ring’s favourite Director’s Cut options is the Video Engagement Story because it has both romantic and realistic elements. What is it? In layman’s terms, this is a video interview with the bride and groom after they’re engaged and before they’re married. It’s taken in a park, home or setting that is either beautiful or sentimental. The biggest reasons for this video feature are its elements of both romance and reality. Without the bride listening, the groom tells his own love story, reasons for asking the bride to marry him and what he sees in their future together. Then the bride gets her turn – also outside of the groom’s earshot. After separate interviews, the couple appear on the screen together, telling their story, kissing, smiling, interacting with each other as they normally would. This Video Engagement Story is set to their favourite music – either fast and fun or slow and romantic, and is played at the wedding reception or compiled into the rest of their wedding video. This element often opens with a slide show of the couple growing up and dating for added effect. Prices for this element usually cost approximately $300 (similar to that of an engagement photo shoot).

Couples can also create their own wedding video package, with a ton of coverage and a wedding movie with themselves as the stars for $350 to $1800.

If you would like some of the extras but don’t know where to start, Director’s Cut has some package outlines to help guide you. The Wedding Movie package includes a video that starts out with photos of the couple growing up and dating, leading into wedding preparation. Mike videotapes the bride’s house (beautiful footage done here), then goes on to show the ceremony, tons of great moments throughout the reception including speeches, advice and messages from the wedding party, video from a photo shoot in the park with the bridal party, a romantic love walk, flashbacks of the entire day and, finally, honeymoon photos to end the film. All of this is provided on a basic DVD and 2 VHS tapes. There are wedding photos on the DVD cover and the disc itself, when possible. The Wedding Epic includes all of the above plus footage of the groom’s house (hilarious shots of groom’s party, sweet moments with grooms parents), an ‘engagement story’ (the bride and groom telling their stories alone and then together, interacting with each other in their favourite setting, set to fast and fun or slow and romantic music), and a ‘how we met’ story. This movie is then presented on DVD with Chapter Selections and title boards the way you see them when you rent a DVD movie. Basically, this package has all the bells and whistles that Director’s Cut can provide.

Is having a director intrusive?

Because of all of his director talk, and the idea of staging scenes and love stories, we asked Mike if his work – while great – is time-consuming or intrusive to the couple and/or the photographer. “I have worked in film for a long time. I know that the clients and the photographer set the schedule. I need five minutes at the bride’s house, a half hour at the groom’s house…” Mike says he knows what he needs to do before he does it. “I get in there, shoot it, and get out.” Then the rest is up to the editing.

Adriano and Patricia said Director’s Cut perfectly captured their wedding. “[Their] professionalism made it very easy to work with Director’s Cut,” says the couple. “We are extremely greatful to be able to look back on that day and to capture the
memory that is the most important day of our lives.”

Tech talk

For those of you who understand tech-talk and want to know specifics, Director’s Cut uses…
• MAC computer and software.
• A machine that allows for slow motion and fast forward throughout video.
• Digital JVC 3 CCD Camera, ½ inch broadcast quality.
• Zhenhaiser Wireless Microphone.
• Sony Digital PD150, 3-chip (smaller chips).
• Director’s Cut uses only brand name DVD’s to provide weddings on.

Special effects…

• Director’s Cut includes special effects such as slow motion, fast forward, black and white scenes, black and white with painted colours, and more.
• Other special effects are approached in a subtle way – low-key with subtitles and transitions, high on content and great music.
• Chapter and menus for scene selections with photos and music can be done for your Wedding DVD (just as you would see in a rented movie from the store) for additional cost.

Details, details, details

• Director’s Cut offers a viewing of their extensive wedding video demo and will travel to show you his work, if outside of town.
• There is a required 50% deposit upon signing the contract to book Director’s Cut.
• The balance is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding.
• Director’s Cut is available for London and surrounding area, as well as all ends of Toronto and beyond.
• Mike will personally videotape your wedding if possible, however if he is busy, you’ll get one of the other camera men that have each shot hundreds of weddings with Mike. He trusts them as much as he does himself. He’ll put his mark on your video when he edits, adds music, and creates your movie.
• Mike plugs into the DJ mixing board to assure excellent volume control and music for your wedding dance without having to dub over afterward or have fuzzy sound.
• Director’s Cut has experience with all sizes of weddings from 50 people to 400 or more.
• Director’s Cut doesn’t allow lighting to get in the way or boil the wedding party and guests in heat. He uses lights only when absolutely necessary, such as for the recessional when the bride and groom are officially announced and entering the reception.

For more information

If you’d like to view Mike’s extensive demo video or ask questions, contact Mike Stanisic at Director’s Cut at 519-578-5464 (office) or 416-856-4536 (cell). You can also visit his website at www.directorscut.ca for clips of his work, or email Mike with questions atmike@directorscut.ca.

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