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At Belmont Flowers, every bouquet is designed by Vildana personally. She is dedicated to making sure that each bride loves her flowers as much as she loves her new husband. It’s the norm to find Vildana sharing a hug and tears with a bride on her wedding day because as far as she is concerned, “For every bride, her wedding day is the only day that matters… And that’s the way I treat every one of my brides’ weddings.” This personal touch doesn’t go unnoticed as Belmont Flowers constantly gets referrals from past clients for flowers for every occasion. We interviewed both Vildana and a number of her past brides (who ADORE her, to say the least), to find out how it is that this one person could continue making such a splash in our K-W wedding community. Here’s what we found…

Personally speaking…

For Vildana, a lifetime with flowers has been a dream since childhood. She went to University to become a journalist, due in large part to her parents’ belief in the importance of a University education, and in smaller part to the fact that journalism still fed into her inner artist. While working towards her degree, Vildana managed to stay in touch with floral design by working in a flower shop to help put her through school.

Once Vildana and her husband Ned fell in love with Canada and made it their home, Vildana never returned to journalism. She worked in local flower shops while raising her daughter, and twelve years ago purchased Belmont Flowers.
Vildana takes on about forty to fifty weddings each year. She intentionally sticks to these numbers so she can ensure that she can always give each wedding the personal attention it deserves.

Samantha Price booked Belmont Flowers for her wedding day. She told The Ring that Vildana delivered above and beyond what she could have every imagined, “Vildana is a professional, with a wonderful, warm personality, who works with any budget and wants only to make the bride happy. She wants to make your vision for your day a reality, and will work all hours to make sure that happens. She is also a very talented florist so you should trust her advice and lend her some creative control – because you will not be disappointed. I trusted that she understood my vision, and she did – even better than I had!”

European and French flair to her designs.

At Belmont Flowers, it really is all about unique, standout, quality flowers. You likely won’t find flowers like commercial mums, or carnations. We absolutely LOVE stopping by the store to see what gorgeous new selection of flowers Vildana has in store.

Kathleen describes Vildana’s style as modern and elegant, but that she is “also willing to adapt to the bride’s style.” Tamara agrees and told us that she thinks Vildana is able to create floral arrangements for “any personality and style. Belmont Flower Market has a full spectrum of creativity.”

More locally, Vildana says she also has great relationships with local florists, telling us that they can work together if needed, use one another as resources or recommend each other if they’re booked for your day.

With that said, it’s no wonder that brides trust Vildana to ensure that their florals are gorgeous on their wedding day. She says that her favourite brides are the ones who tell her the colours, style and budget that they are after and let her run with the designs, “They are also the happiest brides!”

Another reason why her arrangements make such a lasting impression is that she is a full-time floral artist. So, Vildana’s entire job revolves around creating breathtaking bouquets and arrangements- very different than a wedding planner who also does flowers!

Brides say it’s easy to find yourself bonding with Belmont

Vildana sees her own daughter in each bride that comes into her shop. Tears came to her eyes when she explained. “I put myself in the shoes of their parents. I think of how wonderful it will be to see my own daughter marry… How important that day will be for her. I make each bouquet with that in mind.” With that said, she treats every bride the way she would want her daughter to be treated.

This not only inspires great care in every detail of your flowers, it also helps build a relationship between you and your floral designer. “I always call my bride to come and check their flowers the night before so that I know for sure they are going to love them. If anything needs to change, it’s done way ahead of time.” The last thing Vildana says to each bride is, “I’m giving you my blessing.” Accompanied by a hug, many cry!

Another favourite thing amongst past brides is that Vildana is often a calming presence amidst all of the wedding stress and chaos.

Bride (and a best friend of Tamara Niesen’s), Krystal Darling, found Vildana through Tamara. Krystal had already seen Tamara’s bouquets. “The flowers were gorgeous. Tamara highly recommended using Vildana. She told me that Vildana was the only florist that actually took the time to sit and discuss what she was looking for, gave her suggestions and genuinely showed she cared.”

Getting what you want

The brides who choose Belmont Flowers know what they want. They’re looking for something perfect, customized to them. And if you love flowers and consider them an important feature of your wedding, then you’ll love Vildana. Sandra remembers being nervous about receiving her bouquet. “I had only provided Vildana with a picture and a brief verbal description of what I envisioned…” But her nerves settled and tears set in at the sight of her bouquet. “It was EXACTLY what I wanted. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

During a recent visit to the shop, we chatted with Vildana about the importance of choosing flowers that reflect your personality and taste- a big reason why she likes to meet with brides to talk about your favourite colours, flowers and style. “We come up with a bouquet and floral designs that are as special and unique as you. It’s all about your personality…we don’t do cookie cutter weddings at Belmont Flowers.”

Krystal’s favourite memory was going to see and approve her centrepeices the day before her wedding. Vildana had twenty laid out Krystal’s twenty arrangements for her to see. “I was so amazed and happy with them, she almost had me in tears. We took photos together, talked for a bit, and I left her flower shop both relaxed and excited!”

Details, details, details

Vildana recommends booking your date with her at least 6 to 12 months ahead of time; May, June, September and October are the biggest wedding months for her, so if you have your heart set on one of these months, book early. 
The average bride spends about $1500 (including bouquets, boutonnières, and some centrepeices) 
• At Belmont Flowers, there is never more than a non-refundable $100 deposit no matter how much the wedding is. “If they put a deposit down, they are booked for that day,” Vildana told us. 
• Your balance is due the week before the wedding when you come in to approve your flowers. 
Vildana recently did two destination weddings in Vancouver and Chicago. She treats the opportunity as a vacation for her and Ned. She purchases flowers retail on-site (and doesn’t mark up the cost) and does the design and assembly there, proving that virtually anything is possible.

Contact Belmont Flowers…

To visit the Belmont Flowers shop in person, you can find them in Belmont Village at 722 Belmont Avenue West in Kitchener. Feel free to stop by or make an appointment by calling Vildana Glisic and her staff at 519-570-1490. If you have any questions, you can reach them directly by email using the form below, but Vildana always prefers to speak with her brides on the phone and especially in person, to provide that personal touch. :) You can also visit Belmont Flowers online at www.belmontflowers.ca.

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5 5 1
Vildana was amazing to work with!!!! I actually teared up when I saw my bouquet and I didn't even know flowers would be so important to me. But they were one of the best parts of the day. More than that Vildana was so easy to work with. I hardly even knew what I wanted, I just told her the theme of the wedding and it was like she reached into my head and knew exactly what I didn't even know what I wanted! The flowers tied the day together and looked so great in the venue. I was so beyond happy with them. Also I planned this whole wedding from Ottawa- but got married in kw, so the fact that Vildana didn't need any guidance to fulfill my vision just made my life so easy. Honestly I cannot say enough how great Vildana was to work with. She even does a little blessing before the wedding, which is just such a sweet personal touch. The flowers were perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better execution of my vision (that i really could hardly articulate!) she just knew exactly what to do! You will not go wrong with Belmont flowers. :) thank you Vildana for the fantastic perfect wonderful flowers!!!!

5 5 1
Vildana is the most talented and gifted artist. She created the most stunning bouquets I have ever seen. I gave her some pretty basic requests and let her creative juices do the rest. The one request I did have was I wanted the color of a periwinkle flower to match my tattoo. Vildana went above and beyond to secure a color that worked and incorporated it seemlessly into my bouquet. You seriously cannot go wrong here, she will work with you on any budget you have, she is realistic in telling you what she can do and how to stay on budget. She is amazing, there are no words to describe how unbelievibly happy I was with my bouquets, and received so many compliments throughout the day from everyone on them. I will continue to visit Vildana's shop for all of my flowers needs for years to come. Thanks Vildana, you are amazing!!! Jennifer

5 5 1
If you want the most beautiful flowers imaginable on your wedding day, Vildana at Belmont Flowers is the right person for you. She takes your vision and turns it into a masterpiece. I can't even begin to explain how absolutely stunning my flowers were, beyond what I envisioned. She is very creative and imaginative, her knowledge of flowers is beyond impressive and makes creating your wedding day flowers easy. She breaks everything down and ensures that nothing is missed, this is extremely beneficial for the bride on a budget because you are aware of where you are spending the money. Her flowers in general are some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, amazing quality. She is friendly, caring, and always there for you if you need an extra set of ears to listen to you about the craziness that is planning a wedding. She makes the experience feel like you are with an old friend, family even! I highly recommend Belmont Flowers, I know that this is where my family and I will be going to whenever in need of flowers from now on!